Reshape your traditional taxi service business with a robust Uber clone app

The advent of Uber has revolutionized the ride-hailing market entirely as more entrepreneurs have started to take their business online. The primary reasons for its success are the ease of opting for services at any time of the day and the potential to offer highly convenient rides. The market has transformed into a stage where running a business in a traditional business model makes no sense anymore.

If you are into the taxi business or planning on entering this sector, getting an Uber-like app would be perfect. It is a predesigned solution that comes loaded with native features like GPS tracking, Push Notifications, Instant Payment, etc. Apart from these features, you will have unlimited customization options. Here are some advanced features that you consider integrating into your Uber clone app. 

Advanced features that you can integrate into your Uber clone app:

Fare calculation:

Customers enter their pick up and destination location on the map to get a cab. They will get an estimation of the fare and can choose to proceed with it. But how does it get generated? Is it based on the distance? If so, will it do justice to the hassles drivers go through while waiting in traffic jams, waiting time, and other critical factors? 

Hence, every factor must be taken into account while calculating the average fee. However, the charges can exceed the anticipated amount and cannot be expected to be the same. On the whole, the fare must be calculated based on the tracked distance, traffic conditions, time, and other critical factors. 

Ride searching:

It would be better if you integrate a built-in radius threshold feature in your app as it will be helpful for passengers to find a suitable ride. Assign a pre-defined radius of certain kilometers for connecting drivers with passengers. It would benefit both parties as users can get rides on time, and drivers need not have to travel for long distances to pick them. 

Payment processing:

As almost every business operation in the model is processed digitally, it would be apt to integrate online payment options. More customers have started to prefer online payments for their safety and handiness. Ensure that your Uber clone app development team optimizes the app with the latest encryption technology for safer transactions. Consider integrating an in-app wallet for faster transactions. 

How can you make money with the Uber clone app:

The ultimate goal of every business in the market is to gain profits, and the entrepreneurs will have to optimize their services to equalize this. The monetary streams of a business are one of the essential aspects that one needs to look into. Although there are several monetization strategies in the market, here are some of the popular ones.

Data monetization:

Since your customer base will be relatively large, the data monetization model can be a great fit. Every time a user interacts with your app at any level, there will be some data left behind, and it can be useful to study their behavior. This data is based on their interactions in the real world conditions, and it can provide some crucial insights into their mentality and areas to improve. The data collection will entirely take place in the background and will not cause any hassle to the customers. 

Referral programs:

Referral programs not only help in boosting the revenue but also in expanding the customer base. It is an inexpensive way to reach more customers and also proven to work with the current generation. Although you will be rewarding the users for every successful referral, the investment will not be large as it seems. Apart from rewarding the users, there are several effective strategies that you can use to generate high ROI in no time. 

In a nutshell:

Before we proceed forward, you must get an in-depth understanding of the market. Ensure that you handover the development process of your Uber clone app into experienced hands. With the proliferation of on-demand ride-hailing service providers in the market, it is crucial that you optimize your app to stand apart from the competition. Discuss your business requirements and expectations with a professional clone app development company to get started in this growing and diversifying industry.